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Automate Your Blog Outreach with Precision


About the Mentioned Tool

Mentioned is a revolutionary tool designed to streamline the outreach process for bloggers and content creators. In the vast digital landscape, getting your content noticed can be a daunting task. Mentioned simplifies this by automating the outreach process. 

By scanning your content, it identifies individuals and companies you’ve mentioned and then crafts tailored email campaigns to notify them. This not only amplifies your content’s reach but also fosters relationship-building and brand awareness. The tool is a blend of simplicity and efficiency, ensuring that your content doesn’t just stay within the confines of your website but reaches a wider audience.

Mentioned Features

Mentioned is a unique email outreach tool that offers a plethora of features tailored to enhance your content’s visibility. Some of its standout features include:

  • Automated Outreach: Eliminate the manual process of finding contacts and sending emails.
  • Relationship Building: By mentioning individuals or companies, you pave the way for potential collaborations.
  • Brand Awareness: Increase your brand’s visibility by reaching out to a broader audience.
  • Backlink Generation: Encourage others to share and reference your content.
  • Time Efficiency: Save precious hours with automated processes.
  • Content Scanning: Automatic scanning of new blogs for mentions.
  • Campaign Tracking: Monitor the success of your outreach campaigns from a dedicated dashboard.
  • Generative AI Integration: Leverage AI to craft personalized email templates.

Mentioned Use Case – Real-World Applications

Mentioned is not just a tool; it’s a solution for various challenges faced by bloggers and content creators. Its applications include:

  • Content Promotion: Ensure your latest blog post reaches influencers in your niche.
  • Networking: Build relationships with industry leaders and potential collaborators.
  • Brand Building: Enhance your brand’s online presence and reputation.
  • Backlink Acquisition: Encourage high-authority sites to link back to your content.
  • Audience Engagement: Engage with your audience in a more personalized manner.
  • Market Research: Understand industry trends by tracking who mentions your brand.
  • Competitor Analysis: Monitor mentions of competitors to stay ahead of the curve.

Mentioned Pricing

Diving into Mentioned’s pricing, they offer plans tailored to suit various needs. 

  • The Standard plan is priced at $49 USD per month, catering to new blogs and businesses. It covers up to 10 blog posts monthly and allows for up to 100 contacts/mentions. 
  • For those with larger requirements, the Advanced plan is available at $99 USD per month, covering up to 25 blog posts and 250 contacts/mentions. 

Both plans come with the advantage of unlimited emails. For bespoke needs, Mentioned also offers custom packages, ensuring flexibility for all users.


What is Mentioned?

Mentioned is an automated email outreach tool designed for bloggers to enhance their content’s visibility and engagement.

How does Mentioned work?

Mentioned scans your content, identifies mentions, and automates email campaigns to those mentioned, amplifying your content’s reach.

Is Mentioned suitable for all bloggers?

Yes, whether you’re a newbie or an established blogger, Mentioned offers features that can benefit everyone.

How does Mentioned’s pricing work?

Mentioned offers various plans, including Standard, Advanced, and Custom, with prices starting from $49 USD per month.

Does Mentioned guarantee increased engagement?

While Mentioned enhances outreach, engagement depends on content quality, relevance, and the recipient’s interest. However, using Mentioned certainly increases the chances of better engagement.

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