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Unleashing the Power of Text Analytics with AI


About the MonkeyLearn Tool

MonkeyLearn is an AI-based no-code text analysis platform in the data science landscape, crafted to enable businesses to dissect and illustrate customer feedback with finesse. 

At its foundation, MonkeyLearn employs a blend of deep learning and machine learning algorithms, ensuring that enterprises can delve into customer feedback, conduct sentiment analysis, and unearth pivotal insights without requiring coding acumen.

With its data-driven emphasis, MonkeyLearn seamlessly converges supervised learning and other advanced learning techniques to transmute unrefined data into influential business determinants. 

This word cloud of capabilities, coupled with its intuitive interface, makes MonkeyLearn the chosen solution for businesses, from startups like MonkeyLearn Company to established entities, aspiring to harness the full potential of data-centric strategies..

MonkeyLearn Features

MonkeyLearn is a text analytics tool that offers many intriguing features to businesses aiming to harness the power of customer feedback. Some of the standout features include:

  • No-Code Text Analytics: Effortlessly analyze and visualize customer feedback.
  • Pre-Built & Custom Machine Learning Models: Choose from ready-made models or design your own tailored to your needs.
  • Corporate Blueprints: Pre-configured text analysis models and dashboards tailored for diverse business situations.
  • Data Visualization: Convert text data insights into easily understandable charts and visualizations.
  • Customer Sentiment Analysis: Dive deep into customer sentiments to enhance satisfaction levels.
  • Use Case Flexibility: Adaptable across various industries and business needs.

MonkeyLearn Use Case – Real-World Applications

MonkeyLearn is the quintessential tool for businesses that prioritize data-driven decision-making. Its applications are vast and varied:

  • Customer Feedback Analysis: Understand the pulse of your customers to enhance their experience.
  • Social Media Monitoring: Keep an eye on brand mentions and sentiments across social platforms.
  • Market Research: Extract insights from textual data to inform market strategies and decisions.
  • Review Analysis: Transform customer reviews into actionable business improvement strategies.
  • Support Analysis: Optimize support team efficiencies and reduce operational costs.
  • Survey Analysis: Delve deep into survey responses to derive meaningful conclusions.

MonkeyLearn Pricing

For businesses considering MonkeyLearn, the platform offers a free trial to get a feel of its capabilities. For those looking for more advanced features and functionalities, paid plans commence from $299 per month.


What is MonkeyLearn best known for?

MonkeyLearn is known for its advanced AI-driven text analytics features, all accessible without the need for coding.

Who can benefit the most from using MonkeyLearn?

Businesses aiming to analyze and visualize customer feedback for data-driven decisions will find MonkeyLearn immensely beneficial.

Is there a free trial available for MonkeyLearn?

Yes, MonkeyLearn provides a complimentary trial period, allowing potential users to delve into and familiarize themselves with its wide array of features.

How does MonkeyLearn stand out from other text analytics tools?

With its no-code approach, pre-built and custom machine learning models, and diverse business templates, MonkeyLearn offers a unique and comprehensive solution.

Can MonkeyLearn be used across different industries?

Yes, the versatility of MonkeyLearn’s application ensures it can mold itself to cater to a broad spectrum of industries and specific business requirements.

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