WhatsApp Statistics, Users, Demographics as of 2024

WhatsApp is an instant messaging app owned by Meta platforms that allows users to send messages, images, voice notes, video messages, etc rapidly through this app. As of June 2023, there were approximately 2.78 billion unique active WhatsApp users globally. 

WhatsApp Business app has made it easier for small businesses and start-ups to connect with potential customers, respond to queries, and provide overall enhanced customer service.

In this article, we are going to discuss top WhatsApp Statistics as of 2023 and highlight crucial stats of WhatsApp such as number of messages sent per day, WhatsApp users by country, WhatsApp penetration rate, and much more. So, let’s get started. 

Whatsapp Key Statistics

  • As of June 2023, WhatsApp had approximately 2.78 billion unique active users worldwide.
  • WhatsApp is the 8th most downloaded app in the world and is ranked number 2 on the free apps section of Google Play Store.
  • India has the highest number of monthly active WhatsApp users globally with 535.8 million users.
  • Whatsapp is ranked as the most used mobile messaging app globally. 
  • An Average Whatsapp user on an Android device spends about 38 minutes every day on the app.
  • 53% of WhatsApp users in the United States utilize the app at least once a day. 
  • Over 1 billion messages are sent on WhatsApp every day.
  • The Whatsapp app is available in over 180 countries along with 60 different languages. 
  • 6 countries have banned the usage of WhatsApp – China, the United Arab Emirates, Cuba, Iran, Syria, and North Korea.
  • 70% of Whatsapp users check the app every day.

Distribution of Whatsapp users worldwide by gender 

As of June 2023, Whatsapp had around 2.8 billion users worldwide. WhatsApp is dominated by the male audience by 52%, while the female audience who utilizes WhatsApp is 47.1%.

Gender Percentage of Users 
Male 52% 
Female 47.1% 

Source: Statista 

Number of WhatsApp Messages Sent Per Day

As of 2023, 140 billion messages are exchanged on the messaging app WhatsApp every day. 

This means around 5833 million messages are exchanged every hour, 97 million messages are sent every minute, and about 1.6 million messages are sent every second. 

Here is data on the number of messages exchanged on WhatsApp over the years:

Month Number of messages exchanged 
October 20111 billion 
January 2015 30 billion 
Feb 2016 42 billion 
July 2017 55 billion 
March 2018 65 billion 
October 2020 100 billion 
July 2023 140 billion 

Distribution of WhatsApp Users by country 

WhatsApp is available in 180 countries, out of which India has the highest number of WhatsApp users globally. Followed by Brazil in the second position with 148 million users and Indonesia in third place with 112 million users.

Country Number of users 
India 535.8 million
Brazil 148 million
Indonesia 112 million
United States 98 million
Philippines88 million
Mexico77 million
Russia66.7 million
Turkey 60 million 
Egypt56 million
Pakistan52 million

WhatsApp Statistics Monthly Active Users

As of July 2023, WhatsApp had around 2.78 billion unique active users worldwide. This popular messaging app reached the 2 billion mark back in 2020 and is expected to reach 3.14 billion by 2025. The massive spike in monthly active users came in 2020 when Whatsapp witnessed a growth of 40% in its monthly active users.

Year Monthly Active Users 
January 2014430 million
February 2014465 million
April 2014500 million
August 2014600 million
January 2015700 million
April 2015800 million
September 2015900 million
February 20161 billion
January 20171.2 billion
July 20171.3 billion
December 20171.5 billion
February 20202 billion
July 20212 billion
September 20212.16 billion
April 20222.24 billion
July 20232.7 billion

WhatsApp penetration rate among global messaging app users as of April 2022, by country

Brazil contains the highest share of WhatsApp users with about nine in 10 messaging app users in the country. The WhatsApp Penetration Rate of Brazil is about 98.9% followed by India in the second position with 97.1% and Italy in the third rank with 97%. 

CountryWhatsApp Penetration Rate

Source: Statista

WhatsApp Statistics by Age Group in the US 

Americans aged between 18 to 34 years old are most likely to engage with this popular messaging app with 31% of WhatsApp users aged between 18-34. Followed by the age group of 35 to 44 years with 27% in second place. 

Here is a table showcasing WhatsApp users based on Age group:

Age Group Percentage of Users 
18-34 years31%
35-44 years27%
45-64 years 20% 
65+ 11% 

Source: Statista 

WhatsApp Business Statistics

The Standalone WhatsApp Business app was launched in January 2018. This app was built on top of WhatsApp Messenger, especially for businesses, and included numerous features such as Multimedia, Free Calls, Free international messaging, offline messages, and more.

The main motive behind this app was to help small businesses and companies connect with their clients through WhatsApp using simple steps. Let’s take a look at some of the statistics and facts related to WhatsApp Business:

  • More than 50 million businesses across the world utilize WhatsApp Business. 
  • WhatsApp Business has been downloaded more than 1 billion times by users on Google Play Store. 
  • Businesses are capable of boosting sales to 127% using WhatsApp Business. 
  • Using WhatsApp Business can help improve customer service by 225%. 
  • Around 175 million individuals engage with numerous businesses through WhatsApp every day. 
  • Business Catalogs on WhatsApp are viewed by customers around 40 million times every month. 
  • The largest market share for WhatsApp Business is in the Asia-Pacific region with an estimate of 779 million.

WhatsApp Web Statistics

WhatsApp Web allows users to conveniently send and receive messages and documents from browsers by accessing the web version of WhatsApp. This way users can effortlessly control their account on their PC. Here are some of the interesting statistics about WhatsApp Web:

  • WhatsApp Web has generated around 2.5 billion monthly unique visits. 
  • From April to June 2023, there have been around 8.79 billion visits to WhatsApp Web. 
  • The Average time a user spends on WhatsApp Web is 21 minutes and 56 seconds. 
  • Around 50 million businesses utilize WhatsApp Web to interact with their customers, make sales, and provide support to their clients.
  • Brazil, India, and Mexico are the top countries that were accessing Whatsapp Web in 2023.

Wrapping Up

WhatsApp is one of the best instant messaging apps that allow users to send messages, images, videos, and audio, and etc to their friends and family rapidly. Not only is this messaging app excellent for personal use but also for professional use. 

WhatsApp Business app allows companies or small businesses to connect with their customers and engage in conversations which can help enhance their sales and provide improved customer service. About 140 billion messages are exchanged on this platform every day and in the coming years, more and more users and businesses are likely to engage with this messaging app.

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