3 Big Data Startups: Datameer, Dataxu, Bison


What does it do?  Founded in 2009 by some of the original contributors to Apache Hadoop, Datameer  combines data integration, data transformation and data visualization. 

Management team  Stefan Groschupf, co-founder and CEO; Frank Henze, President of Product Management; Peter Voss, CTO

Investors Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers; Redpoint Ventures

Big data quote  “I always joke that big data is a big buzzword to make big money. I was one of the early guys at Nutch that spun off Hadoop and what is interesting to me is that with Hadoop, the limitations of storage and compute disappear. That allows us to do completely different things with data than what we could do before”–Stefan Groschupf


What does it do?  Founded in 2007, DataXu provides real-time media management platform for digital advertising campaigns across online, mobile and video channels.

Management team   Mike Baker, President & CEO; Geoff Dodge, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing; Willard Simmons, Chief Technology Officer

Investors Atlas Venture, Flybridge Capital Partners, Menlo Ventures

Big data quote  “What is unsolved is understanding consumer behavior, especially on a real-time basis. As an entrepreneur, I’m licking my chops”–Mike Baker


What does it do?  Founded in 2012, Bison (Boston Illiquid Securities Offering Network) aims to take financial reporting and other information about venture capital, private equity and hedge funds that make up the alternative investment universe and prioritize them for the endowments and foundations that are looking to invest in them.

Management team    Mike Nugent,CEO; Rasmus Goksor, COO; Chris Aronis, VP, Sale and Marketing; Waldron Faulkner, VP, Engineering

Investors Thomson Reuters, Atlas Venture

Big data quote  ”I spent all my time [researching alternative investments] sifting through documents. That market operates on a Rolodex and spreadsheet mode. It’s never heard of structured data and is ripe for disruption”–Mike Nugent