Artificial Intelligence (AI) Exits 2013-2016


CB Insights:

More than 20 private companies working to advance artificial intelligence technologies have been acquired in the last 3 years by corporate giants competing in the space, including Google, Amazon, Apple, IBM, Yahoo, Facebook, Intel, and, more recently, Salesforce. There have been 4 major acquisitions already in 2016.

Major Acquisitions In Artificial Intelligence Since 2013
Company Description Acquirer
DNNresearch Use of deep learning and neural networks for image search Google
Indisys Natural-language processing Intel
IQ Engines Image-recognition software Yahoo
LookFlow API for image recognition and categorization Yahoo
SkyPhrase Natural-language processing technology Yahoo
DeepMind Develops self-learning algorithms Google
Cogenea AI-based virtual assistant IBM
Madbits Deep learning-based visual intelligence platform to identify contents of images Twitter
Jetpac Aggregates social media pictures and analyzes their locations to provide a travel guide Google
Dark Blue Labs Deep learning-based technology for understanding natural language Google DeepMind
Vision Factory Object and text-recognition using deep learning Google DeepMind Natural language API for developers in sectors including home automation and robotics Facebook
AlchemyAPI Cloud platform with natural-language capabilities including keyword extraction and categorization IBM
Whetlab The company claims to have developed a technology to make machine learning better and faster Twitter
Vocal IQ Speech-processing for improved human-machine interaction Apple
Orbeus Recognition API focused on visual recognition technology Amazon
Saffron Cognitive computing platform Intel
Emotient Emotion-detection technology to improve understanding of customer sentiment Apple
Nexidia Enables searching of unstructured audio, video, and text data NICE Systems
PredictionIO Open-source machine learning server Salesforce
MetaMind AI-based personalization and customer support solutions for companies Salesforce