Snapchat Statistics For 2024: Users, Demographics, Trends

Snapchat is an excellent social media platform that allows users to send instant messages, upload photos and videos, and much more. Its eye-catching filters, 1 to 10 seconds viewable photos and videos, creative tools, etc have made it one of the most loved social media platforms among Millennials and Gen Z which has made Snapchat the 5th most popular messaging app in the world. 

Today, Snapchat is not only an impressive platform where users can share messages and post pictures and videos but also a useful platform for sharing your ads and promoting your business. Businesses across the world are accessing Snapchat to promote their product and reach their target audience by sharing their ads on this platform. 

In this article, we are going to take a look at Snapchat Statistics as of 2023 worldwide including its usage statistics, Distribution of Snapchat users, Snapchat Demographics Statistics, and much more. So, let’s begin. 

Snapchat Key Statistics

  • In 2022, Snapchat generated $4.6 billion in revenue, a 12% increase year-on-year
  • 75% of Gen Z and Millennial accesses Snapchat in the US. 
  • In 2022, the Snapchat app was downloaded about 330 million times out of which 54 million downloads came from the US market. 
  • More than 5 billion snaps are generated on a daily basis on Snapchat. 
  • The Market capitalization of Snap Inc. is worth $118.99 billion.
  • About 2.4 million snaps are shared almost every minute. 
  • An Average Snapchat user spends about 30 minutes online on the platform.  
  • India is the leading country with the highest Snapchat audience of 182.35 million.
  • In 2022, Snapchat didn’t record an annual profit, and it made a net loss of $1.4 billion.
  • More than 397 million individuals access Snapchat on a daily basis out of which 26% of users are based in the United States. 
  • There was a rise in Snapchat’s stock value by over 350% from 2020 to 2021. However, since then it has witnessed a decline of 70%. 

Snapchat Overview 

Launch Date September, 2011
Headquarters Santa Monica, California, United States
Founders Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown
Type Photo sharing, Instant messaging, Video chat, Multimedia
Available In 37 languages

Snapchat Usage Statistics

Number of daily active Snapchat users from 2nd quarter 2014 to 3rd quarter 2023

As of the third quarter of 2023, Snapchat had 406 million daily active users globally, rising up by 9 million from the second quarter of 2023 which had 397 million daily active users. 

Quarter and Year Daily active Snapchat users 
Q1 2014 46 million 
Q2 2014 57 million
Q3 2014 62 million
Q4 201471 million
Q1 201580 million
Q2 201586 million
Q3 201594 million
Q4 2015107 million
Q1 2016 122 million
Q2 2016 143 million
Q3 2016 153 million
Q4 2016158 million
Q1 2017166 million
Q2 2017 173 million
Q3 2017 178 million
Q4 2017 187 million
Q1 2018 191 million
Q2 2018 188 million
Q3 2018186 million
Q4 2018 186 million
Q1 2019 190 million
Q2 2019203 million
Q3 2019 210 million
Q4 2019 218 million
Q1 2020229 million
Q2 2020238 million
Q3 2020 249 million
Q4 2020265 million
Q1 2021 280 million
Q2 2021293 million
Q3 2021306 million
Q4 2021319 million
Q1 2022 332 million
Q2 2022347 million
Q3 2022 363 million
Q4 2022375 million
Q1 2023383 million
Q2 2023397 million
Q3 2023406 million

Source: Statista 

Snapchat is ranked the 9th most popular social networks worldwide by number of monthly active users

As of October 2023, Snapchat was ranked the 9th most popular social network globally with over 750 million monthly active users. Snapchat was ranked higher than Twitter/X and Pinterest in this list. (Statista

42.3% of the Snapchat audience uses the platform for posting images and videos 

According to Hootsuite, the majority of audiences on Snapchat use the platform to share their images and videos with their friends and family. While 25.8% of Snapchat users access the tool for sending messages and staying connected with their close ones. 

Snapchat was ranked 70+ on the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI)

Snapchat has an American Customer Satisfaction Index of 72 out of 100 points in 2022 and 74 out of 100 points in 2023. Snapchat was ranked higher in ACSI compared to other popular social networking platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. (Statista)

An Average user spends about 30 minutes on Snapchat every day

Globally internet users spend approximately 151 minutes every day on social media platforms. Out of which an average Snapchat user spends about 30 minutes per day based on research conducted by Snapchat itself.

Over 4 billion messages are sent on Snapchat daily 

A large section of Snapchat users access this platform to send out messages and stay connected to their family, friends, and colleagues. According to research, around 4 billion messages are sent by snap chatters on a daily basis.   

Over 5 Billion Snaps Are Created Per day

According to Snapchat, more than 5 billion snaps are created on this picture and messaging app on a daily basis. Users share a wide range of images and videos with their friends and families every day. 

Distribution of Snapchat users worldwide as of January 2023, by gender

Snapchat platform is dominated by women, as 51% of the audience is female while male users access Snapchat 48.2%. (Statista

Female Male 
51% 48.2% 

Snapchat Demographics Statistics

Leading countries based on Snapchat audience size 

India has the highest number of Snapchat users by country, with an audience of 182.35 million. The second leading country is the United States with a 108.8 million Snapchat audience. 

Below is a table of Snapchat statistics as of 2023 by country: 

Country Snapchat Audience 
India 182.35 million 
United States 108.8 million 
Pakistan 26.35 million 
France 25.9 million 
United Kingdom 23.15 million 
Saudi Arabia 21.75 million 
Germany 18.65 million 
Mexico 17.15 million 
Iraq 16.75 million 
Egypt 15.65 million 
Turkey 15 million 
Nigeria 13.05 million 
Canada 11.45 million 
Russian Federation 8.05 million 
Australia 7.95 million 
Philippines 7.75 million 
Brazil 7.35 million 
Algeria 7.15 million 
Netherlands 7.15 million 
Colombia 6.05 million 

Source: Statista

Percentage of U.S. internet users who use Snapchat

Based on the third quarter of 2020, U.S internet users aged between 15 to 25 were the largest Snapchat-using audience with a total of 48%. The second largest Snapchat user age group is 26 to 35 with 30%.

Age Group Percentage of Snapchat users 
15 to 25 years 48% 
26 to 35 years 30% 
36 to 45 years 18% 
46 to 55 years 11% 
56+ 5% 

Source: Statista 

Snapchat Marketing and Advertising Statistics

64% of the snap ads shared on Snapchat are viewed with Sound On 

The majority of advertisements shared on social media platforms contain sound, narration, or background music to make the ad more appealing to the audience.

Since 64% of Snapchat ads are viewed with the sound on, there is a good potential for your audio to be heard by the users. However, it is still better to add a short caption or context for anyone who stumbles on your advertisement with their sound off.

55% of Snapchat’s Gen Z users have an Ad recall after watching 0 to 2 seconds of an Advertisement 

These statistics clearly say a lot about today’s generation as 55% of the young audience have an ad recall after simply watching zero to two seconds of an ad which is almost double the recall value of users aged 40 or above.

The Estimated Advertising Revenue of Snapchat in 2022 was 4.6 billion U.S. dollars 

In 2022, Snapchat generated a total of 4.6 billion U.S. dollars through its advertising revenue. This figure is expected to keep growing further in the coming years and is likely to reach a whopping amount of 8.34 billion U.S. dollars by 2027. (Statista

Snapchat for Business Statistics

If you are considering enhancing your business and connecting it with a larger audience then Snapchat is the perfect platform for you. Brands from across the world are accessing Snapchat to promote their products and services online by advantage of the platform’s loyalty and highly engaged audiences.

Useful tools such as AR filters and effects provide excellent opportunities for advertisers to get more and more creative and interactive with their target audience which can help businesses promote their businesses at a higher level. 

Snapchat users have a global spending power of $4.4 trillion 

Snapchat is one of the best platforms where users can enjoy sharing purchases they love along with various shopping moments. The global spending power of Snapchat is $4.4 trillion according to research.

The majority of global spending powers comes from North America which contains a spending of $1.9 trillion followed by Europe with $1.05 trillion. Millennials and Gen Z are considered the highest contributors to the spending power alone with $1 trillion.

Snapchat users are 2x more likely to share their purchases 

Word of mouth is one of the best and most effective ways to increase your sales. 65% of the Snapchat audience is likely to post about a product on their stories every time they make a purchase. This has resulted in businesses reaching more and more sales through effective word of mouth. Compared to other platforms, Snapchat users are most likely to share their purchases online. 

Wrapping Up 

Overall, Snapchat is an impressive application that can be utilized for both entertainment and business purposes. Its creative features allow users to send instant messages, and share their images, videos, and much more.

While also creating an excellent space for businesses and companies to share and promote their product and services and reach their desired target audience. Above we have mentioned all the statistics related to Snapchat as of 2023 that can help you understand the platform better. 

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