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About the Tradytics Tool

Tradytics stands as a premier AI-driven trading toolkit specifically designed for retail traders navigating the intricate world of the stock market. 

As stock and options trading grow more complex, this Discord-integrated bot, dubbed “Bullseye,” offers a unique blend of AI and data analytics to guide swing trading decisions. 

Tradytics harnesses the power of AI and Machine Learning to analyze vast volumes of historical data. By training algorithms to recognize specific patterns, it can predict potential directional shifts in stocks and options contracts.

With a growing community on their Discord server and over 65,000 users—including more than 4,000 paid subscribers—it’s clear Tradytics has cemented its role in the traders’ universe. 

Whether you’re new to trading stocks or a seasoned trader, Tradytics ensures you’re equipped with insightful tools, pushing trading from mere sight to insight, and assisting in making well-informed moves in the market.

Tradytics Features

Tradytics is more than just a trading tool; it’s an all-inclusive platform brimming with features specifically designed for retail traders. Some of the standout features include:

  • AI-Powered Trading Insights: Utilizing artificial intelligence to sift through countless data points and deliver practical trade suggestions.
  • Live Options Flow: Real-time data on options trading activity.
  • Extensive Scanners: Tools to scan the market for potential trading opportunities.
  • Market and Ticker Dashboards: Comprehensive dashboards providing a snapshot of market activity.
  • Long-Term Portfolios: Tools to help traders manage their long-term investments.
  • Technical Analysis Tools: Analyze market trends and patterns with advanced technical analysis tools.
  • Multi-Platform Access: Available on Web, iOS, and Android devices.
  • Darkpool Data: Insights into the trading activity in dark pools.
  • Cryptocurrency Trading Analysis: Instruments and information tailored for crypto trading.
  • Backtester: Test trading strategies with historical data.

Tradytics Use Case – Real-World Applications

Tradytics is more than just a tool; it’s a trading companion. Its applications in the real world include:

  • Retail Traders: Leveraging AI-driven tools and insights for informed trading decisions.
  • Long-Term Investing: Overseeing portfolios and examining market shifts for informed investment decisions.
  • Beginners: Gaining insights and learning from the active Tradytics community.
  • Options Trading Enthusiasts: Utilizing real-time options flow and pertinent data for informed trading decisions.
  • Crypto Traders: Utilizing tools and insights specifically designed for cryptocurrency trading.
  • Technical Strategists: Leveraging sophisticated instruments to decipher market movements and formations.
  • Day Traders: Leveraging real-time data and scanners to identify intraday trading opportunities.

Tradytics Pricing

Investing in oneself is crucial, and Tradytics ensures that traders get the best value for their money. The platform offers two main pricing plans:

  • The Individual Plan is priced per user and comes packed with features such as Live Dashboards, Live Options Flow, AI Trade Ideas, Scalping Ideas, Premium Scanners, Crypto Trade Ideas, Algorithmic Analysis, and Discord Premium. As a special introductory offer, it’s priced at only $15 for the first 15 days, with standard pricing applicable thereafter.
  • For Discord Server Owners, the plan covers an entire Discord server, offering capabilities like Querying Bots, Auto-posting Bots, AI Trade Ideas, Options Flow, Scalping Ideas, Block Trades, and Insider Trading. Communities can benefit from an initial rate of $15 for the first 15 days, followed by the standard rate.

Both plans come with an introductory offer of only $15 for the first 15 days.


How does Tradytics utilize Artificial Intelligence?

Tradytics employs AI and Machine Learning by analyzing vast amounts of historical data. The tools identify patterns that can lead to directional moves in stocks and options contracts.

What sets Tradytics apart from its competitors?

Unlike competitors that focus on a single theme, Tradytics offers a comprehensive toolkit that caters to all types of traders, aiming to be a one-stop shop for retail traders.

Is there a difference between the Tradytics Discord bot and individual subscription?

Yes, the Discord bot subscription is for those with their Discord servers, while the individual subscription provides access to the Tradytics website and mobile app.

Can I cancel my Tradytics subscription after the 15-day trial?

Yes. At any point, if you wish to discontinue your subscription, you can easily do so by navigating to your profile on the platform and following the cancellation procedures. 

Does Tradytics have a refund policy?

Once charged, Tradytics does not offer refunds. It’s essential to be aware of subscription payment dates and cancel in time if needed.

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