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About the Hexometer Tool

Hexometer is your AI-driven comprehensive monitoring companion, designed to keep e-commerce businesses and digital marketing campaigns always ahead in the game. 

Minor glitches, such as downtimes, sluggish pages, and even trivial typos, can significantly dent sales and tarnish reputations. 

Hexometer’s continuous monitoring ensures it’s always watching, identifying issues from server disruptions, evolving SEO guidelines, and third-party service interruptions, to security vulnerabilities before they escalate.

In the intricate world of SEO optimization and performance audits, the importance of maintaining a seamless user experience is critical. Hexometer excels by providing in-depth insights into availability, user experience dynamics, health metrics, and potential security loopholes. 

Its cloud-based setup ensures a hassle-free experience, eliminating the need for software installations or tedious code modifications. Think of Hexometer as a persistent QA team, offering lifetime deal-like advantages without exorbitant costs or complexities.

Hexometer Features

Hexometer is a comprehensive website monitoring tool that offers a plethora of features tailored to ensure your website’s optimal performance:

  • Comprehensive Monitoring: Continuous checks on website uptime, performance, user experience, health, SEO, and security.
  • Real-Time Notifications: Instant alerts via email, SMS, Slack, Telegram, and Trello for detected issues.
  • Cloud-Based Operation: No software installations or code changes are needed.
  • Tools Tailored for Agencies: Comprehensive dashboards for multiple clients, scalable solutions, and customizable branding capabilities for SEO evaluations and performance reviews.
  • Basic and Enhanced Monitoring: Ranging from simple uptime verifications to intricate keyword tracking and page speed analysis.
  • UX and Performance Monitoring: Ensures mobile-friendliness, checks for visual bugs, and monitors page load speeds.
  • Health Monitoring: Detects broken links, server errors, JS errors, and more.
  • SEO Monitoring: Continuous checks for SEO best practices and potential issues.

Hexometer Use Case – Real-World Applications

Hexometer is not just a tool; it’s a solution for various real-world challenges:

  • eCommerce Businesses: Ensure continuous monitoring and optimization for better uptime and SEO performance.
  • Agencies: Manage multiple clients with ease, thanks to multi-client dashboards and white-labeling options.
  • Online Retailers: Maintain a seamless online shopping experience and optimize SEO for better visibility.
  • Marketplaces: Ensure continuous uptime and optimal user experience for sellers and buyers alike.
  • Business Owners: Stay informed about website performance and potential issues in real time.
  • SEO Experts: Keep track of SEO best practices and potential pitfalls.
  • Web Developers: Quickly identify and resolve website issues.

Hexometer Pricing

Hexometer offers various pricing plans tailored to fit different needs:

  • Basic Package: For $12 monthly, it encompasses monitoring for 2 websites with a cap of 10,000 pages for each site and provides a variety of monitoring functionalities.
  • Enhanced Package: Priced at $24 each month, this package offers monitoring for 3 sites, allowing up to 25,000 pages per site, equipped with premium monitoring tools.
  • Expert Package: At a rate of $48 every month, this package caters to 5 websites, granting a 50,000-page allowance for each, and comes with an all-inclusive suite of monitoring features.


What is a Hexometer?

Hexometer is an AI-powered website monitoring tool designed to optimize and safeguard website performance, user experience, and overall health.

How does Hexometer differ from other monitoring tools?

Differing from conventional tools, Hexometer provides all-encompassing monitoring in six vital domains: availability, performance, user experience, site health, SEO, and security.

Is Hexometer suitable for agencies?

Yes, Hexometer is designed with agencies in mind, offering features like multi-client dashboards, scalability, and white-labeling options.

How does Hexometer’s pricing work?

Hexometer offers various pricing plans starting from $12/month, with each plan tailored to different monitoring needs.

Is Hexometer cloud-based?

Yes, Hexometer operates in the cloud, ensuring easy setup without the need for software installations or code changes.

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