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Ctrify AI

A cutting-edge AI platform that generates SEO-articles and websites in a few minutes

About the Ctrify AI Tool

With Ctrify AI, users can generate a website with over 40 pages in just a few clicks. The tool uses AI algorithms to write SEO articles and upload them to the website. It also creates websites for a particular topic. You only need to provide a keyword and wait for the tool to work its magic.

Ctrify AI is an ideal tool for businesses or individuals looking to setup their online website faster. It also helps track the performance and analyze reports of the website without switching to other apps. It is available in various languages, like Spanish, Dutch, English, etc. The tool automates several website building and SEO tasks, making it easy for business owners to focus on their businesses.

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Company NameCtrify
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CategoryWebsite and article generation tools

Ctrify AI Features

Ctrify helps website owners develop and maintain their websites effortlessly. Some of the features offered by this tool are as follows:

  • It helps track the performance of your website and gives SEO suggestions to improve its rankings.
  • It helps users find important keywords related to their content.
  • It monitors the technical SEO of your page and solves issues like missing meta tag, broken URLs, etc.
  • It helps you find websites to create backlinks for your page.
  • It gives real-time data and insights into your website and its performance.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.

Ctrify AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

Ctrify is ideal for anyone looking to establish their online presence. It is helpful for the following purposes:

  • E-commerce business owners can use the tool to create their website and analyze its performance.
  • Business organizations can use the tool to create a website to promote their brand.
  • Digital marketers can use the tool to analyze competitor’s websites and performance.
  • SEO professionals can use the tool to enhance the rankings of the website.

Ctrify AI Pricing

Ctrify offers a free plan with limited access to its functionalities. It also offers paid plans for individuals seeking access to its premium features. Below are the subscription costs for Ctrify:

  • For individuals – $197-lifetime validity – 550 monthly credits and maximum 250 daily actions.
  • For Agency – $497-lifetime validity – 1100 monthly credits and unlimited daily actions.

Currently, CTRify only accepts free users. If you want to use the premium version, request an invitation from the developers. Upon approval, you can start using the tool immediately.


Is Ctrify AI available to the public?

You can use the basic Ctrify features for free. But to access the premium version, you need to wait until the tool is released to the public. You can also request an invite to use the paid version. Currently, only the free version is available to the public.

Does Ctrify AI generate original content?

Ctrify AI generates unique and plagiarism-free content. It doesn’t add copyright to its content. You can use the content on your website or for commercial purposes without worrying about copyright issues.

Will Google penalize Ctrify AI generated website and content?

No, Google doesn’t penalize Ctrify generated content. It also doesn’t penalize users for using the tool to generate websites or perform SEO tasks. You can use the tool without worrying about Google.

Does Ctrify AI have an affiliate program?

Ctrify AI has an affiliate program. You can apply for its affiliate program from its webpage by filling out its form. The website offers 35% commission for every license sold and 5% commission upon credit purchase.

Can I use Ctrify AI with WordPress?

Yes, you can integrate Ctrify into your WordPress website. The company has a WordPress Plugin that lets you integrate Ctrify features into your website without leaving the platform.

Ctrify is one of the best website builders and content generators. It can create unique content faster. You can easily integrate it into your WordPress website to improve its ranking and performance.

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