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Ideogram AI

Free to use AI Image Generator (Text to Image)

About the Ideogram AI Tool

Ideogram AI is an innovative image-generating platform that allows users to create visually stunning AI artworks and images using text prompts. Whether you are a beginner or an artist, with Ideogram users can bring all their desired artworks to life in just a few seconds. Craft a detailed text description specifying the kind of image you wish to generate and leave the rest to Ideogram’s powerful AI technology. Within 30 seconds Ideogram AI generates four images based on your input. 

Unlike other image-generating platforms, Ideogram AI is not just about adding text, instead, it allows users to truly embrace their artistic capability and creativity by customizing all the aspects of the image. Like Ideogram AI offers a wide range of artistic style options to choose from, such as 3d render, photo, portrait photography, vibrant, product, illustration, painting, etc. In addition, users can also select the model, aspect ratio, visibility, and more on this platform.

Also, if the user is not satisfied with the generated output users can request for a “Retry” by refining the creation with a change in text prompt, image size, and mode. Overall, Ideogram AI is an excellent AI tool for artists, digital creators, and even beginners who just want to explore creativity and bring their dream vision to life. 

Ideogram AI Features

  • Text-to-image generation: This platform allows users to create high-resolution and eye-catching images by providing text prompts. Users can specify their requirements, such as the subject, style, positioning, color, and other elements, by adding them to the text description. 
  • Variety of Artistic Styles: Ideogram AI allows users to unleash their creativity by generating unique images using different artistic styles such as illustration, cinematic, painting, poster, 3d render, and more. 
  • Magic Prompt: This feature helps enhance the original prompt provided by the user to improve the image variety and richness. This is a helpful feature for beginners who struggle with writing a powerful or detailed text prompt. 
  • Aspect Ratio: Ideogram AI allows users to craft their AI image based on their desired width and height. This platform offers a wide range of Aspect ratio options such as 9:16, 10:16, 2:3, 3:4, 1:1, and more.  

Ideogram AI Pricing

There are three subscription plans available on Ideogram AI: Basic, Plus, and Pro. Below we have mentioned the prices and features offered by the Ideogram monthly plan:

Basic Plan Plus Plan Pro Plan 
$8/month $20/month $60/month 
400 prompts (1,600 images) per month in priority queue1,000 prompts (4,000 images) per month in priority queue3,000 prompts (12,000 images) per month in priority queue
100 prompts per day in slow queueUnlimited prompts in slow queueUnlimited prompts in slow queue
Ideogram EditorIdeogram EditorIdeogram Editor
Download original quality in PNGDownload original quality in PNGDownload original quality in PNG
Early access to new featuresEarly access to new featuresEarly access to new features
Image upload for Remix and DescribeImage upload for Remix and Describe
Private generationPrivate generation

Note: Users can save up to 20% by subscribing to its Annual plan. 


Is Ideogram AI free?

Yes, Ideogram AI offers a free plan through which users can generate stunning AI images for free. This plan allows 25 prompts per day in the slow queue, for additional prompts and premium features users need to subscribe to its paid plans starting at $8/month. 

How to use Ideogram AI? 

To use Ideogram AI, users need to follow the below-mentioned steps: 

  • First, visit the official site of 
  • Sign up by tapping on “Continue with Google” or “Continue with Apple” 
  • Select your valid email account and complete the sign-up 
  • Now, enter a detailed prompt specifying what kind of image you want to generate 
  • Choose an artistic style such as Cinematic, fashion, portrait photography, poster, etc from the available options 
  • Select an Aspect ratio and Model of your choice
  • Once done, click on “Generate” and Ideogram will instantly generate 4 images based on your entered text prompt
  • If you are unhappy with the generated image, users can click on “Retry” option for a new generation 

Is Ideogram AI private?

No, images generated using the free plan are visible to the entire community. However, users can perform private generations by subscribing to the Ideogram Plus plan.

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