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Lately AI

Transforming Social Selling with AI-Powered Precision


About the Lately AI Tool

Lately AI is an AI social post generator revolutionizing the landscape of social media marketing and brand amplification. 

Utilizing cutting-edge AI-powered content creation, the platform can dissect any brand or employee’s voice and craft impactful social media posts tailored to resonate with the target audience.

Lately AI’s objective is to magnify both earned and owned media, disseminating brand messages and the unique voices of employees across diverse channels. Its capabilities extend beyond mere post creation to forging content that captivates, interacts, and drives action. 

Furthermore, with seamless integration capabilities with platforms like Hootsuite and Google Analytics, and compatibility with giants like Amazon, it ensures an encompassing marketing strategy. 

With support for numerous languages including English, Spanish, German, and Japanese, it promises a truly global outreach.

Lately AI Features

Lately AI is a cutting-edge social selling platform that offers many features tailored to enhance brand visibility and engagement. Some of its standout features include:

  • Content Generation with AI: Transforms text, audio, and video into captivating social media content.
  • Performance-Loop Learning: Discovers effective word phrases and sentence structures to boost engagement.
  • Enhanced Social Media Engagement: Produces high-performing content that drives actions like clicks, replies, likes, and shares.
  • Brand Voice Learning: Understands and replicates the unique voice of each brand or employee.
  • Multilingual Support: Works in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Japanese, and more.
  • Content Amplification: Increases visibility by leveraging earned and owned media.
  • Data-Driven Results: Ties results to analytics for measurable outcomes.
  • Employee Advocacy: Turns every voice in a company into a powerful marketing tool.

Lately AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

Lately AI is the go-to tool for brands aiming to supercharge their social media presence. Its applications span various domains:

  • Brand Amplification: Boost brand visibility across multiple social media channels.
  • Employee Advocacy: Empower employees to become brand ambassadors with tailored content.
  • Content Repurposing: Convert existing content into engaging social media posts.
  • Engagement Analysis: Understand what resonates with the audience and refine strategies.
  • Multilingual Marketing: Reach global audiences with content in their native language.
  • Lead Generation: Drive more inbound leads with optimized content.
  • Performance Analytics: Measure the effectiveness of social media campaigns.

Lately AI Pricing

When it comes to pricing, Lately AI offers a range of plans tailored to different needs:

  • Lite Plan: This plan is priced at $39 per month when billed annually or $49 monthly and is designed for a single user, allowing up to 4 social account integrations. This plan offers limited AI capabilities, and those interested can try it out with a free trial. 
  • Starter Plan: This plan is available at $99 per month with annual billing or $119 every month, catering to individual users and permitting up to 10 social accounts. It also features limited AI functionalities, but users can sample its features via a free trial.
  • Pro Plan: This plan comes in at $179 per month when billed annually or $199 monthly, intended for a single user but offering integration with an unlimited number of social accounts. While it provides broader account access, it retains limited AI features, and there’s a free trial available.
  • Enterprise Plan: This plan targets businesses and agencies requiring expansive solutions. It supports unlimited users and social accounts and showcases advanced AI functionalities tailored for larger teams and agencies. Those keen on understanding its offerings further can request a personalized demo, with the pricing available upon direct inquiry.


What makes Lately AI different from other social media tools?

Lately AI leverages AI to understand brand voices, creating content that resonates and engages, leading to increased visibility and leads.

Does Lately AI support multiple languages?

Yes, Lately AI supports various languages, including English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, German, and more.

Is there a free trial available for Lately AI?

Yes, Lately AI provides users with a complimentary trial period for its Lite, Starter, and Pro packages, allowing potential customers to explore the platform’s features and functionalities before committing.

How does Lately AI enhance social media engagement?

Lately AI uses performance-loop learning to discover effective word phrases and structures, producing content that drives actions like clicks and shares.

Can Lately AI be integrated with other marketing tools?

Yes, Lately AI offers smooth integration with popular platforms such as Hootsuite, Sprinklr, and HubSpot, among others.

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