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A Very Short History of AI, 2021 Edition

The evolution of AI from theoretical concepts to machine logic to expert systems to machine learning to artificial neural networks and big data-based deep learning. Read more

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Google’s RankBrain Outranks the Best Brains in the Industry

Bloomberg recently broke the news that Google is “turning its lucrative Web search over to AI machines.” Google revealed to the reporter that for the past few months, a very large fraction of the millions of search queries Google responds … Continue reading

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Google: Machine Learning and Deep Neural Networks Explained (Video)

*Greg and Chris did an AMA on Friday, September 25th to answer people’s deep learning questions. Check out their answers here: https://goo.gl/jpbMy9 *To read more about machine learning, neural nets, and the like – check out the Google Research blog:http://googleresearch.blogspot.com/ … Continue reading

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