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Salaries of Data Scientists

Covid-19 hasn’t stopped the rise of data science: A new Burtch Works survey found that the median base salaries for data scientists range from $95,500 to $300,000. Read more

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Survey: The Hunt for Unicorn Data Scientists Boosts the Salaries of Predictive Analytics Professionals

Unicorn Data Scientists (upgraded from “sexy data scientists”) are hard to find and are paid more than $200,000 per year. A new survey finds that the rising data science tide lifts the compensation of all other data analytics professionals, even … Continue reading

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How to Become a Unicorn Data Scientist and Make More than $240,000

What makes a good data scientist? And if you are a good data scientist, how much should you expect to get paid? Owen Zhang, ranked #1 on Kaggle, the online stadium for data science competitions, lists his skills on his Kaggle … Continue reading

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