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Empowering AI Monitoring Effortlessly


About the Helicone Tool

Helicone provides an open-source platform focused on observability for businesses utilizing generative AI. With the increasing demand for large language models (LLMs) in various sectors, the need for a robust monitoring tool has never been more pronounced. 

Helicone addresses this gap by offering an open-source monitoring platform tailored for generative AI. 
Being backed and incubated by Y Combinator, Helicone’s reputation has grown, earning the trust and reliance of countless users and enterprises. These users exploit its sophisticated capabilities to delve deep into their LLM applications. 

Whether it’s understanding delay trends, wisely overseeing AI costs, identifying peak traffic times, or deciphering Helicone’s clear-cut code analytics. 

Helicone ensures that developers have the luxury to prioritize product development, instead of being overwhelmed by intricate analytics.

Helicone Features

Helicone is not just another monitoring tool; it’s a comprehensive solution designed for those who rely heavily on LLMs. Some of its standout features include:

  • Open-Source Pledge: Prioritizing user-driven development and fostering community engagement.
  • Cloud Solution: A hosted cloud solution for users aiming for a quick setup.
  • Real-Time Metrics: Offering insights into AI expenditure, traffic peaks, and latency patterns.
  • User Management Tools: From rate limiting to metrics, manage your application’s users effortlessly.
  • Tooling for LLMs: Features like bucket cache, custom properties, and streaming support to enhance your LLM-powered applications.
  • Simple Integration: Seamlessly integrate with just two lines of code and choose from different packages.

Helicone Use Case – Real-World Applications

Helicone is the go-to tool for developers and organizations aiming to harness the power of LLMs. Its applications span across:

  • Cost Management: Keep a tab on your AI expenditure.
  • Traffic Analysis: Understand high-traffic periods to allocate resources efficiently.
  • Latency Monitoring: Proactively detect and rectify application slowdowns.
  • User Control: Limit requests per user and identify power users.
  • Request Management: Automatically retry failed requests, ensuring an uninterrupted user experience.
  • Scaling LLM Applications: Use tools like bucket cache and custom properties for efficient management.
  • Streamlined Analytics: Gain insights into streamed responses without any additional setup.

Helicone Pricing

Helicone’s pricing structure caters to a wide range of users, from individual developers to large enterprises:

  • Free Plan: Priced at $0 per month, the Free package offers everything a user needs to commence their journey. It allows up to 1 million requests monthly and includes monitoring and dashboard features, custom properties, basic exporting capabilities, the provision for one organization, and seats for five members
  • Pro Plan: At $25 per month, the Pro package integrates everything from the Free plan but also incorporates pivotal tools designed for scaling businesses. It offers unlimited request capabilities, bucket caching, enhanced user management with rate limiting, access to GraphQL API, request retry options, a key vault, and provisions for up to five organizations with 10 seats each. Additionally, it comes with storage of up to 2GB.
  • Custom Enterprise Plan: For enterprises with specific needs, this plan encompasses everything in the Pro tier, and then some. Geared towards large businesses, it ensures SOC-2 compliance, offers self-deployment management, and guarantees a dedicated support channel with 24/7 access. There’s also an avenue for custom ETL integrations and a system for prioritizing feature requests. Interested parties can get in touch for more details and pricing.


How does Helicone function internally? 

Helicone primarily integrates via a proxy, logging requests, and response payloads to provide a user-level view of LLM usage.

What about the latency impact? 

Helicone utilizes Cloudflare Workers to ensure minimal latency impact, prioritizing performance for LLM-powered applications.

Can I avoid using a proxy with Helicone? 

Yes, Helicone offers an async logging integration for those not wanting to use a proxy. A self-hosted version of the proxy is also available.

Is Helicone open-source? 

Yes. Helicone’s dedication to open-source principles is not just a mere statement; it’s a foundational ethos that drives the platform

How does Helicone ensure cost efficiency? 

With features such as real-time metrics and user management tools, Helicone allows users to monitor spending and optimize resources effectively.

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