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One AI

Unleashing the Power of Generative AI for Businesses


About the One AI Tool

One AI is a cutting-edge generative AI platform that aims to make AI business-ready. 

This AI tool offers a range of services from text, audio, and video processing to natural language understanding, all with no size limits. 

The platform is designed to be integrated into your product within days, making it highly efficient and user-friendly. 

Whether you’re developing a podcast platform, CRM, content creation tool, or any other application, One AI has got you covered with its language detection, processing, transcription, analytics, and understanding abilities.

One AI is trusted by various enterprises and is SOC2 & ISO 27001 certified, ensuring rigorous standards of data security and privacy.

One AI Features

One AI is a generative AI tool that offers a variety of features aimed at enhancing business operations. Some of the features include:

  • OneAgent: A powerful, personalized AI agent that responds based on your content.
  • Language Skills: Summarize, tag, and analyze language with NLP building blocks.
  • Custom Skills: Fine-tune state-of-the-art Language AI capabilities for your unique business needs.
  • Large-Scale Language Analytics: Analyze millions of text, audio, and video items.
  • Audio Intelligence: Automatically process audio and video into structured data.
  • Multilingual Support: Most of One AI’s capabilities are multilingual.
  • Developer Friendly: Easy API integration with structured, machine-readable output.
  • Enterprise-Ready: SOC2 & ISO 27001 certified service with support for private cloud hosting.

One AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

One AI is an ideal tool for businesses looking to integrate advanced AI capabilities into their operations. It can be used for:

  • Customer Management: Automate service excellence and enhance customer experience.
  • Document Analysis: Transform documents into actionable data for processing and automation.
  • Content AI: Generate and process content that resonates with your target audience.
  • Language Analytics: Build powerful analytics based on text, audio, and video.
  • Multilingual Support: Ideal for businesses operating in multiple languages.

One AI Pricing

One AI offers various pricing plans to suit different business needs. The plans include:

  • Free Plan: Aimed at bootstrappers and researchers, offering core skills and speech-to-text features.
  • Pro Plan (Contact for pricing): A comprehensive, product-ready AI package with custom skills and dedicated NLP experts.
  • Scale Plan (Contact for pricing): Custom plans tailored to your needs, including scale-friendly pricing and hosting on your VPC.


Is One AI Secure?

Yes, One AI is SOC2 & ISO 27001 certified, ensuring high standards of data security and privacy.

Does One AI Support Multilingual Capabilities?

Yes, most of One AI’s capabilities are multilingual.

How Developer-Friendly is One AI?

One AI offers an easy-to-use API, making it highly developer-friendly.

What can One AI be used for?

One AI can be used for customer management, document analysis, content generation, and much more.

Are there any One AI Size Limits for Processing?

No, One AI can process text, audio, and video with no size limits.

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