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The Benefits of AI in the Enterprise

In a global analysis based on Deloitte’s most recent State of AI in the Enterprise survey, early adopters were asked to identify the primary benefits of implementing AI in their organizations.¹ Respondents say using AI to enhance existing products and services … Continue reading

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Deloitte CIO Survey Finds Gap Between Business Expectations and IT Capabilities

In a survey of 1,217 technology leaders across 23 industry segments in 48 countries, Deloitte found that substantial gaps exist between business expectations and IT capabilities, in key areas including innovation and cybersecurity. Here are the highlights: 57% of CIOs … Continue reading

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Digital Transformation or Digital Disruption?

Companies lagging in their digital transformation or not even trying to become digital, face the risk of losing substantial portions of their sales, IT leadership, and senior management. About 30% of senior vice presidents, vice presidents, and director-level executives who … Continue reading

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Benchmarking Digital Transformation

Deloitte: If your organization is moving toward digital too slowly, your people may be looking to leave. That’s one of the findings highlighted here and explored more fully in Aligning the organization for its digital future.

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The Digital Ecosystem

Deloitte University Press What is the digital ecosystem? It’s a subset of TMT companies that specialize in the development of hardware, content, and software applications and provide a platform for the creation, distribution, and consumption of content, applications, and services.

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Future Disruption, Disruptors, Disrupted

Deloitte University Press: More than one-third of the 141 companies in the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific that grew to a valuation of greater than $1 billion between 2010 and 2015 were located in the Bay Area, a striking testament … Continue reading

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Mobile Futures: Every aspect of the modern economy will be challenged

The Future of Mobility, Deloitte University Press: Deloitte’s Center for the Edge argues that a new mobility ecosystem could spark a “virtual” value chain in which the ability to capture, aggregate, and analyze mobility-related data becomes a tremendous source of … Continue reading

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