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Predictions about AI in 2023

The future of AI, according to Forrester, IDC and Gartner. Read more

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IDC and Forrester: 2020 Predictions for AI

IDC and Forrester issued recently their predictions for artificial intelligence (AI) in 2020 and beyond. While external “market events” may make companies cautious about AI, says Forrester, “courageous ones” will continue to invest and expand the initial “timid” steps they took in 2019. … Continue reading

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Automation: 2020 Predictions

Over 1 million knowledge-work jobs will be replaced in 2020 by software robotics, RPA, virtual agents and chatbots, and machine-learning-based decision management. So predicts research firm Forrester in a new report published today, “Predictions 2020: Automation.” It also estimates that … Continue reading

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Forrester: Top 10 Technology Trends

Ten trends, which Forrester breaks into three phases of dawning, awareness, and acceptance, are setting the pace of technology-driven business change. Read more on Forbes.com

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The AI and Automation Buzz

CB Insights: Media buzz around AI, robotics, and automation increased significantly towards the end of 2016. JP Gownder, Forrester: The forward march of automation technologies — which include hardware (e.g. robots, digital kiosks), software (e.g. AI), and customer self-service (e.g. … Continue reading

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6 In-Demand Internet of Things (IoT) Security Technologies

Internet of Things (IoT) security breaches have been dominating the headlines lately. WikiLeaks’s trove of CIA documents revealed that internet-connected televisions can be used to secretly record conversations. Trump’s advisor Kellyanne Conway believes that microwave ovens can spy on you—maybe … Continue reading

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Internet Of Things By The Numbers: Results from New Surveys

Things are looking up for the Internet of Things. 80% of organizations have a more positive view of IoT today compared to a year ago, according to a survey of 512 IT and business executives by CompTIA. “This reflects greater levels of attention … Continue reading

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Forrester’s Top Emerging Technologies To Watch: 2017-2021

Forrester: As a refresh to my 2014 blog and report, here are the next 15 emerging technologies Forrester thinks you need to follow closely. We organize this year’s list into three groups — systems of engagement technologies will help you … Continue reading

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Wearables are today all about wellness

Forrester Research: US consumer adoption of wearable devices will reach 29% in 2021, up from 18% last year, according to a new Forrester Data forecast. Today the vast majority of consumers who own and use wearables have a health or … Continue reading

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Forrester and IDC on Consumer Interest in IoT

IDC-IoTAPril2016 Consumer IoT is lagging behind industrial IoT in terms of interest, investments, and successful applications. CB Insights has found that in 2011, the industrial IoT accounted for 17% of all IoT funding dollars. In 2015, the share of industrial … Continue reading

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