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When Will Human-Level AI Arrive? Ray Kurzweil (2029) and Rodney Brooks (2117++)

Ray Kurzweil Cofounder and chancellor, Singularity University When will we have computers as capable as the brain? I believe computers will match and then quickly exceed human capabilities in the areas where humans are still superior today by 2029. How will … Continue reading

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Machine Learning Beats Data Science for Top Tech Job By Salary

Rank Job Title Number of Postings per Million Average Base Salary Average Growth in Postings 2013-2016 1 Machine Learning Engineer 58 $134,306 36% 2 Data Scientist 360 $129,938 108% 3 Computer Vision Engineer 20 $127,849 34% 4 Development Operations Engineer … Continue reading

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The Next Big Thing in Robotics

Travis Deyle, Why Indoor Robots for Commercial Spaces Are the Next Big Thing in Robotics: Venture funding for robotics has exploded by more than 10x over the last six years and shows no signs of stopping. Most of this investment has … Continue reading

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No End to Moore’s Law

IEEE Spectrum: This final ITRS report is titled ITRS 2.0. The name reflects the idea that improvements in computing are no longer driven from the bottom-up, by tinier switches and denser or faster memories. Instead, it takes a more top-down approach, focusing … Continue reading

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Top 10 Programming Languages 2016

IEEE Spectrum: After two years in second place, C has finally edged out Java for the top spot. Staying in the top five, Python has swapped places with C++ to take the No. 3 position, and C# has fallen out … Continue reading

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