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Richard Socher, Salesforce (Emerging AI Leaders Series)

“AI teaches us who we are,” says Richard Socher. The recent rapid progress in the field of artificial intelligence is the result of successfully processing “a large amount of known training data, doing things [the computer] has seen before,” he … Continue reading

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Self-Driving Cars: A Solution to Distracted Driving?

Self-driving cars continued to make headlines recently. Google (Waymo) opened its early rider program in Phoenix, Arizona, to “hundreds” of residents “with diverse backgrounds and transportation needs.” Baidu open sourced its self-driving technology and said it’s on track to deliver self-driving cars by the … Continue reading

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Digital Disruption: 5 Top Technologies

Digital disruption is the flip side of digital opportunity. Established companies and startups alike enlist new technologies in the fight to dislodge incumbents, protect entrenched positions, or re-invent entire industries and business activities. To help business and IT executives evaluate … Continue reading

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AI will Eclipse Hadoop, Says Forrester

When you start a revolution, you need to go public before the next revolution starts. Hadoop used to be the “revolutionary” technology behind the “big data” revolution but it has now been buried deep by deep learning, at least as … Continue reading

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AI and Automation: Predictions, Perceptions, and Proposals

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin declared last week that the threat of artificial intelligence taking over American jobs “is not even on my radar screen.” Mnuchin is “not worried at all,” at least not for the next 50 to 100 years. This was … Continue reading

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Big Data Analytics: 6 Predictions

The creation and consumption of data continues to grow by leaps and bounds and with it the investment in big data analytics hardware, software, and services and in data scientists and their continuing education. The availability of very large data … Continue reading

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A New AI Assistant for the Elderly

Startup Intuition Robotics emerged from stealth on January 11, 2017, announcing a social robot aimed at keeping older adults active and engaged. The design and actions of the artificial intelligence-based device, ElliQ, make it look and feel less like a … Continue reading

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